Some may ask, "Why are consulting services required?"  The answer is simple.  Most generally when an existing building is added to or remodeled, or when a new building is built, a vital part of the building is neglected or even forgotten.  Telecommunications infrastructure pathways and floor space is usually the last component of a building design to be considered.  SK offers consulting services for your telecommunications infrastructure pathways, floor space and cable and wiring needs as well as central office additional or modifications.  Our team would work closely with you to determine your immediate needs as well as any future requirements your company would have.  In additional we would work with the Architects to ensure your telecommunications requirements are met and incorporated into your building plans.  Our team has provided consulting services to Universities, Cable TV providers, Hospitals and the airline industry.

A list of deliverables normally received by our customers is:

  • Floor space requirements 
  • Pathway  recommendation
  • Media type (copper and fiber)
  • Growth requirements
  • Routing recommendations
  • Detailed list of material
  • Budget requirements

Project Management

Good Project Management is a balancing act.  Project updates, daily and weekly reports, time lines, budget issues, quality of work and safety matters.  Which is the most important?  They all are.  None can be neglected.  If one slips, then the outcome of the project is in jeopardy.  SK has knowledgeable personnel that can staff most projects you are starting.  Our team has a proven track record of successful projects completed.  We are keenly aware of the importance of keeping a project on time and at or under budget and not neglecting quality and safety.

The following is a partial list of industry related projects our team has managed:

  • Total OSP replacement at a nuclear facility
  • Total cable replacement of a corporate headquarters of a major oil company
  • Cable replacement/renovation of a major hospital network nation wide
  • Cable and equipment addition for USPS nation wide
  • Complete re-cabling of multiple schools systems

Fiber Optics

SK employees have over 100 years of expertise in design, installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks.  This experience is across all aspects of telecommunication fiber optics including long haul, private campus networks, intra-building networks, local loop networks, and CATV networks for singlemode and multimode applications.  Work has been done in public education, ERATE projects, airport applications, government applications including military bases, high security network data applications, voice/data needs, and video/voice/data applications.


SK has extensive experience in design , project management and installation of ERATE projects for schools and libraries.  Our personnel have been involved in providing ERATE internal connection services since the inception of the ERATE process in the late 1990's.  Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years in design and project management of ERATE projects in both individual school and multi-building campus environments.  We have multiple RCDDs on staff as well as PMP certification.  SK has provided design, CAD and project management services for two of the three largest schools systems in the United States.  We have performed design, installation and project management on outside plant cable and duct banks, structured cabling including fiber optics and category 5e/6/6A, pathways including conduit and raceway (including within historical buildings), wireless networks, network electronics, and closet setup.


Local Area Network (LAN) Installation

SK provides all the equipment and installation necassary to create or upgrade a LAN.  Our employees are thoroughly trained in both Structured CAbling Design/Installation and LAN Electronics Design/Installtion.  Our team has multiple certifications and accreditations.  SK can provide, install, turn-up and test the following consistent with industry standards:

  • Structured Cabling (Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A) Systems
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Data Switches/Hubs
  • Servers
  • Interactive Video Networks
  • Video Cabling, Monitoring and Recording Systems
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • CATV Networks
  • Cabling Pathways (Conduit/Raceway)
  • Un-interruptesd Power Supplies
  • On-going maintenance and support

Distribution design

SK provides a full range of distribution design services.  Our associates are thoroughly trained in both Outside Plant Design (OSP Design) and Inside Plant Design (ISP Design).  Our team has over 6000 hours of OSP/ISP training, over 290 years of combined OSP/ISP ezperience and multiple RCDD's with over 80 years combined RCDD tenure.  We have extensive experience in fiber optic, copper, and digital loop carrier planning and design.  Core training for out associates include:

  • Long Route Design (LRD)
  • Long Range OSP Planning (LROPP)
  • Feeder Administration (FA)
  • Basic OSP Engineering 
  • Loop Engineering Information System (LEIS)
  • Network CAbling Design flro LAN, Building and Campus
  • Introduction to Voice/Data Cabling Systems
  • Designing Telecommunications Distrubution Systems

SK provides the following distribution design services:

  • Structured cabling systems
  • Long range planning
  • Long route design
  • OSP conduit design
  • Wide area networks
  • Campus area networks
  • Local area networks
  • Loop electronics design